In 2008 MGFMania developed a range of Hoods and Rear Screen Panels utilising the original MG/Rover Heated Glass Screens and original Opti zips for ease of fitting, no sewing involved and no more unzipping when lowering the hood!

MGFMania has manufactured over 3500 Heated Glass Screen Panels and refined the fitting procedure, shown in the CD Video, enabling most customers to fit their own in minutes

Watch how to fit a Panel in 15 minutes: 

Call MGFMania on +44 1565 740288 or Mobile 07778 149632 for further details.

Watch folding WITHOUT unzipping, watch:

Fitted in Knutsford: Heated Glass Screen Panels £225 or Glass Screened Hoods £475

Special Offer: FREE Mainland UK delivery for Hoods & Panels for DIY Customers!